Word On The Street

  • “Jon is a good actor and has been a wonderful collaborator in our feature film project.  His valuable input on the law-enforcement scenes really elevated the level of authenticity and believability. He went above and beyond his acting duties to get us great locations for filming some important scenes.  He also helped the production by bringing in good background actors as uniformed policemen, federal agents and arranged for some very authentic looking props to go along with the characters. I am very thankful to you Jon and look forward to working with you again on my future projects”. Sincerely, Shankey Srinivasan (Writer&Director, The Last Smile)

  • “Not only is Jon a talented actor but he was able to bring a level of authenticity to the role that only comes from real world experience.” Rick Bosner – Write / Director – Falling Uphill, Blue Creek Pictures

  • “Jon and Brian were a pleasure to work with.  Their expertise helped the actors really understand what real police work is all about. I would not hesitate to work with them again.”  Peter Kaufman, Producer (TWISTED ~ Paramount Studios)

  • “Brian and Jon are truly two stud cops.” Nancy Hayes, Casting Director ~ Nancy Hayes Casting, San Francisco

  • “Jon was able to bring police jargon to our script and realism to our project.”  Sacha Parisot, Director ~ Award Reciepent for Best Director, 2004 NY Independent Film Festival.

  • “The casting of Jon Read in our film, SKIN DEEP, turned out to pay bigger dividends than we anticipated. Not only was Jon the best actor out of dozens we auditioned for the role of Sergeant Weiss, He provided us with a “reality” of the police presence in our film. Jon is experienced, professional, knowledgeable and a damn fine actor. I would not hesitate to use Jon for my next project as a Technical Advisor or as an Actor.” Ken Karn, Producer ~ Award Recipient for Best Film, 2003 American Black Film Festival and 2003 American Film Festival.

  • ” Jon provided excellent services, and gave us the production value that we needed for my film “HAPPILY EVEN AFTER.” Unsu Lee, Director, Hotbed Media